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Henry County Board Of Education, McDonough Georgia

Attention Substitute Teachers!
You are required to work at least 3 days per semester to remain on our list. The end of the 2014-2015 school year is rapidly approaching. If you do not fulfill this requirement you must submit a new application, go through the fingerprint process, and attend another workshop. Please contact Sandy Dewey at 678-432-4434 if you have any questions. Have a wonderful summer!

Attention Substitutes, Teachers, and Para-Professionals
User Name =       is your Lastname only
Password (PIN)= is your 5 digit employee number plus the last 4 digits of your social to make a nine digit number.

Sub Finder Office hours are 5:00am to 2:00pm Monday-Friday during regularly scheduled school days, and 8:00am to 3:00pm Monday through Friday during the summer.

For log in problems or questions please contact Sandy Dewey at 678-432-4434.

If you have recieved the following message You have exceeded the maximum login attempts. This means you have attempted to log in 3 times with an incorrect username or password if this is message is in error. Close your internet browser and launch the login again and attempt to log in again. Closing your internet explorer browser will reset Sub finder and allow you 3 more attempts to login.

School Hours are approximate, and may slightly vary by school. Please refer to SubFinder for the specific time(s) of your job(s).

Elementary School 7:20am - 2:30pm
Middle School         8:55am - 4:05pm
High School             8:15am - 3:25pm

Before accessing SubFinder online, you must call the SubFinder system and record your name. Please call 1-877-348-1493 and enter your PIN when prompted by the phone menu, voice your name and you will then be able to log on the SubFinder Online.

Substitute teachers must work at least 3 full days per semester to remain on the active sub list. Please be advised that excessive and last minute cancellation will result in you being placed on a schools exclusion list, and or termination. Please do not cancel a job at one school site to work at another. We are experiencing unfilled jobs due to this activity. Failure to comply will result in restricted/inactive status.

The SubFinder Office is monitoring cancellations daily. If an emergency arises, please call the school and let them know. If it is after hours, please call the SubFinder at 678-432-4434.

Tips for using SubFinder via Phone:

Cell Phone
Disable ringback tones. Any type of song or music note that is heard by the calling party after dialing and prior to the call being answered, will interfere with SubFinder's outbound calling function and may be interpreted as a person answering the phone.
Do not use speakerphone while entering your PIN or any other touch tone command when navigating through the system.
Ensure DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) tones are enabled and set to "long". This setting ensure that the tones being sent back to the automated system ar being transmitted at the proper length and can be properly recognized.

Home Phones
Remove TeleZappers, this is a device that can be used to reduce the number of calls a home recieves by mimicking a tone played by the phone company to indicate the line has been disconnected and is no longer in use.
Do not use speakerphone while entering your PIN or any other touch tone command when navigating through the system.

At this time, it is not recommended that you use Google Voice in conjuction with the automated calling system. Google Voice is an internet based phone forwarding service provided by Google.
Please visit and select Google Voice for additional information on using this service with automated calling system.